Bone densitometry (bone density scan) measures the calcium content of bones. Its purpose is to screen for osteoporosis and therefore fractures, particularly of the hip and spine.

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* The RAMQ only allows one bone densitometry exam per year. You must therefore specify the date of your last examination if it was done in another clinic.


14 days before your appointment: Avoid barium examinations (barium swallow, small bowel transit or barium enema) and any nuclear medicine examination.

24 hours before the exam : Do not take your calcium tablet


Pregnancy is a relative contraindication.

Please be sure to notify us if you are pregnant.

What to expect

This is a painless examination. You are lying on your back, motionless. Under the supervision of the technologist, the machine moves slowly and sends out low-dose X-rays. The data obtained are analyzed by a computer and the results are interpreted by the radiologist. In addition, X-rays of your back and lumbar spine are taken to rule out any recent fractures.

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