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Léger Radiologie is a radiology clinic and integrated imaging center offering high-level diagnostic and screening services with a strong patient focus.

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Advantages of our Radiology Clinic

You can put your trust in our clinic, our team, and our many services.

The radiologists working at Léger Radiologie are leaders in their field in Quebec and are committed to offering the highest level of expertise to their patients.

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Note: you will need to have your original prescription with you when you come in for your appointment.

If you have more than one prescription to send us, please attach a single file containing all prescriptions.


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Note: Vous devrez avoir en main l’originale de votre prescription lorsque vous vous présenterez à votre rendez-vous.

Si vous avez plus d’une prescription à nous acheminer, svp nous joindre un seul fichier contenant toutes ces prescriptions.

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Exceptionally, we will be closed on Saturday March 25.
Thank you for your understanding and happy Saturday everyone!​

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